Dogs in the Surf

Just moved into September and what must be the Fall around the corner. We've tried to get the dogs to the beach everyday. On the weekends in the mornings, weekdays mostly in the evening. Sometimes Walker takes the younger Henry by himself. Sometimes he and I take Henry and Lucky. And then sometimes, like tonight I go with both of them on my on. This is the most harrowing. I spend the one block journey to the beach trying to hold on for all our lives (on the return they are gentlemanly, tired and enjoyable). But once across Atlantic Ave and free of tether, they bound off nipping at each other racing toward the sea. Sometimes I have a camera, and sometimes they give me one perfect formation. The single mindedness of a Lab and a tennis ball. Two neighbor dogs join Henry and Lucky and the chase is on. But the great gift they give, they couldn't realize. Without these two dogs cajoling us as the afternoon gets long, we might not go to the beach everyday. And we'd deprive ourselves of the very reason we came here. Crashing water and sand and dunes with waving grasses, breezes that give way to perfect endings and dreamy skies.

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